Marketing Fox were delighted to be part of the ‘Superfast Essex’ Digital Toolkit Business Workshops that took place all over Essex.

Our founder Louise Stephens took to the stage to deliver two full day courses titled ‘How to stay ahead of competitors online’ the first of which in Braintree, followed by another in Brentwood.

This workshop was designed to help small businesses in Essex utlilse digital marketing and cloud based services to stay ahead of their competition.

The day started with a vibrant discussion about emerging technologies and how over the last five years technology has changed not only how we do business, but how we behave everyday. We then moved on to one of the hottest digital discussions ‘Mobile’ and more specifically mobile websites.

‘It’s vital when making a website for mobile and tablet devices that you understand all of the options available and which one is right for your audience. The morning session was¬†designed to help small businesses understand the pro’s and cons of each option, to help them decide which is best based on their own audience and budgets.’ – Louise Stephens

After lunch the workshop moved on to discuss how to drive traffic to your website by utilising strategies such as SEM (Search Engine Marketing), email, paid advertising, this lead on perfectly to the second session of the afternoon; Social Media.

The groups had shown lots of interest in social media during the day and this session had been designed to be very interactive to ensure that everyone got out of it what they needed. We showed the groups how they could use social media to meet a variety of objectives though different platforms.

‘The most important thing to remember when using social media to promote your business is to set yourself SMART objectives for each platform and only use the outlets that your audience is on, when they are on them. Social media is a time zapper and without a clear understanding of what you are trying to achieve you can end up spending all day on Facebook trying to communicate with the wrong people, or worse, no one at all!’ – Louise Stephens.

The day was closed buy talking about how small businesses can benefit from using ‘The Cloud’.

Both sessions were lively and interactive, a huge thank you to the team at the Eastern Enterprise Hub for inviting us to speak and for their fantastic organisation.

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