For those of you that have seen us speak recently, you will have heard our MD,┬áLouise talk about one of her creative idols, Steve Jobs. In an interview he gave back in 1995, he discussed the future of ‘The Web’ and how the internet was going to change the way we communicate, buy and sell. He said;

“It is the ultimate, direct-to-customer distribution channel. Another way to think about it is, the smallest company in the world can look as large as the largest company in the world, on the web.”

This, to us just sums up so perfectly what the web is, and the fact that Steve said this before the “internet” was a “thing” is truly incredible.

So, 11 years later why are there still businesses out there not harnessing the power of the web by having a fantastic website where they can communicate and sell direct to customers, where and when they are ready?

At Marketing Fox our aim is to help, educate and enable our clients to maximise their returns through any and all channels, that’s why we’ve created this little check list to make sure you are using The Web to your advantage.

1 – User journey

Do people instinctively know what to do when they land on your website? Ensuring that you understand your audience and can deliver the right content to them in the right way and in the right place is vital to the success of your website. Many people become too focused on the design and aesthetics in the initial stages of a website project, but we urge you to please start with your sitemap and UX (User Experience) – Just think about Amazon, its an ugly site but we all know what to do when we are on it!

2 – Calls to action

Someone has landed on your site, hurrah! But now what? When it comes to websites we actually quite like to be told what to do, so tell us. Include strong calls to action throughout that leads us on a journey to conversion!

3 – Device

Last year we saw the shift in internet usage from predominantly desktop devices to mobile, this was BIG news for your website. Not just that but Google jumped on the ‘We hate non mobile websites’ bandwagon as well (to find out more about this read our blog post here) so basically if your website is not responsive, or if you don’t have a mobile specific website then, and we are going to put this a s delicately as we can, you NEED a new site!

4 – Design

Steve Jobs was also well known for his eye for design, the key word he used when working with his designers was ‘taste’ and that is a word we use here at Marketing Fox. Now we are not necessarily talking about your taste specifically, but more about the taste of your audience. Understanding the colours, images and design that works for them is crucial when designing your website, for example if your audience is predominantly male, then designing a bright pink sparkly website might be a bit of a turn off to them!

5 – Visibility

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO simply HAS to be a consideration when building a website. Making sure you work with an SEO partner BEFORE the website is finished will save you time and money in the long run. Google rules the search engine land so it is important to keep up-to-date with all of their updates and algorithm changes to ensure your customers can find you. Not your bag? Then work with a professional partner, like us!

At Marketing Fox we LOVE websites and are more than happy to talk to you about yours! So if you’re unsure about how your website is performing get in touch here and one of the Foxy Team will be able to help!

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