We don’t think there’s a business in the land (with a website) that has not either spoken about, or been spoken to about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) at some point or another. Most of those businesses will have implemented an SEO strategy to drive more traffic to their website and boost conversions, however have those strategies been aligned with Google’s?

In this blog post we will discuss Google’s strategy and give you some helpful advice to help bring your SEO strategy in line with their expectations.

Firstly we would like to start by saying that we’re very aware that there are other search engines out there, Bing, Yahoo etc… BUT whether you like it or not we all have to bow down to the Google God’s when it comes to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) because this is where most of our audiences are, in fact Google is the search engine of choice for over 50% of global users!

Lets get started…

As marketeers we have invested a huge amount of time into understanding online audience behaviours when it come to searching, and over the past five years have seen a dramatic change in the way we use search engines. This work has enabled us to create what we like to call our ‘Tool-kit of Optimisation!’ With this we have also learnt that every industry will use the same core principals when creating an effective SEO strategy regardless of size, age or spend.

Mobile searching

Moving forward, search on mobile devices will continue to grow as we begin to adapt further to a ‘Mobile Life’ with smartphones, wearables and even VR (Virtual Reality) becoming part of out technology armory.

What does this mean for search?

If we consider the changes that Google have already made over the last few years we can clearly see a shift of priority from desktop to mobile (please see our blog post about ‘Mobilegeddon’ here) with mobile searches showing a preference in the results to mobile specific or responsive websites, this beautifully highlights our first SEO tactic – Make sure your website is beautifully mobile friendly, if it’s not you could be missing out on a serious amount of mobile search traffic.

Content is King

SEO strategies are not about creating a shed load of content to be released into the digital ether for us all to be bored by! Creating good quality, unique, interesting content is not only vital to the sanity of your audience, but also imperative to the success of your campaign. Creating a bad experience for users is the opposite of what Google is about, so making sure you provide a great experience for your audience by delivering refreshing, interesting and relevant content will put you in good stead with the Google Gods!

Quality links and organic keyword placement

Having a quality link building strategy is an absolute must when it comes to SEM, however having back links from low authority, irrelevant (to your industry) websites is likely to be extremely damaging to your campaign. Guest blogging is big business in SEO land and you may find it tricky to get your content posted without paying, we have two tips to overcome this:

  1. Create unique, interesting content that becomes a real asset to the site and they will bite your arm off to post it.
  2. Some of the best sites to publish content on will charge, research these sites and budget for this accordingly, it is worth it.

Keyword placement is another strand that we have to consider, there are only a few rules to abide by to please your audience and Google:

  1. Research your keywords properly, don’t guess!
  2. Always undertake a full competitor analysis, you will learn a lot from it.
  3. Do NOT cram your keywords into every piece of content you produce, or on every page of your website, both Google and your audience hate it.
  4. Be organic.

Again this is all about creating a great user experience, Google is a tool built for the people, building your SEO strategy around this mantra will help focus you no end.

Google is a fickle creature, keeping our ears to the ground and keeping ahead of the curve when it comes to changes is a full time job for the SEO Marketing Foxes, ensuring our strategies are in-line with Google’s is really the only way to ensure maximum ROI.

Google is making businesses create quality content and a great user experience through mobile optimised websites that meet and exceed your audiences expectations, it has such advanced technology that can determine whether or not your site really is of value to your customers, whether people are engaging with you through social media and where you rank against your competition. This might all sound like an awful lot of work, but when you think about it, shouldn’t this be exactly what we are aiming for anyway, with or without Google’s forceful hand?

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