I think at one point or another all business marketeers have asked, or been asked this question and the answer is usually the same, ‘everyone else does it, so we should too.’

Although not wrong, this really shouldn’t be our go-to answer. Having heard this response too many times to mention, the Social Foxes decided to write this blog post to give everyone a much better answer to the ‘what’s the point’ question.

Firstly we must acknowledge the first point that most people and/ or business are using social media in one way or another, whether that be a full blown strategy or simply a YouTube channel to store those case study videos (we all know the ones!) The fact of the matter is, that we can’t think of a single business that shouldn’t be using social media, so the the answer, ‘everyone does it’ in this case is completely valid. However, it is not a good enough answer to fight the social media corner, by the end of this post you will be fully armed and able to bat off this question with confident, professional ease!

Let’s ease into this…

Answer 1: ‘It’s great for brand awareness…’

This is probably the second ‘go-to’ answer for a lot of marketeers and again it is a valid one, having a consistent presence on social media is great for your brand and should be part of your social strategy, but you know what… We can do better than that!

Answer 2: ‘It’s great for SEO and helps to boost website traffic…’

This is not a bad answer, but do you know how this actually works? Search engines exclude the links, followers and fans gained from your social content as a factor in your search engine rankings, however there is no doubt that a great social media strategy, that engages your audience and encourages interaction will drive better search engine results.

Answer 3: ‘It helps us expand sales and reach new audiences…’

Now we’re getting there, this is a great answer! It has been proven that sales people who use social media, outsell those who don’t, which in itself is enough for most MD’s to agree on any lead gen led social media strategy, but if they want more… Your sales people understand how to deal with negative feedback because they speak to people every single day, often the marketing team don’t. Getting these two departments to collaborate on social media and getting the sales representatives out on social media will be an incredible way to expand your reach and deal with any negativity that may come your way.

Answer 4: ‘It helps us improve our customer service…’

Being more ‘customer centric’ is something we hear in business plans and board rooms across the globe, so having this answer in your armory will only stand you in good stead. When a customer reaches out to you on social media they are not just expressing themselves to your business (like a conventional telephone call) but to hundreds, if not thousands of people, it becomes a very public conversation. How you and your team manage their needs and expectations through social media can have very positive repercussions with your online community (providing it is done right) doing a bad job of handling customers through social media can have catastrophic effects. It’s important to have the right infrastructure and procedure in place to deal with these customers from the off.

Answer 5: ‘It helps keep marketing costs on budget…’

Ding ding ding ding ding, we have a winner! Now don’t get us wrong this is not an immediate benefit, this does require time and momentum, getting your audience sharing, liking and engaging with your content. Once you hit a growing trend in followers and engagement you will ultimately reduce spend as demand increases. We have all read the fantastic stories of a company that went from being broke to blossoming after building a social media presence, but this does require strategy, planning and time, all of which can be difficult to come by. If you can give your social media those three things you will be on to a winner!

So there you have it, five answers to the dreaded ‘whats the point of social media’ question, we hope you have found it helpful, and if you really liked it why not share it through your social media channels and help others who might be in need, you know what they say, content is king!

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