Now that January is over (finally), we can start the ball rolling on our 2018 marketing strategies.

Email marketing continues to form a vital part of marketing communication in 2018. Reaching for those high opens rates and engagement is a top priority for all in the coming year. We’ve put together a list of our top six email marketing predictions for 2018.

  1. GDPR will impact marketing strategies

If you’re an Marketing Executive/Manager, you’ll most likely be aware of the impending GDPR regulation that comes into force this May. If not, then let us give you a short summary…

The way in which we currently collect and hold personal data is almost entirely unregulated. We contact our client base/hot leads often without expressed consent of the recipient. However, that’s all about to change come May 25th. Organisations will begin sending out opt-in and opt-out procedures to ensure consent to contact is clearly expressed by their client base. If you haven’t begun to do so already, reviewing your current procedures could help safeguard against facing hefty fines for breaking these upcoming GDPR regulations.

  1. Tone becomes more personal

The tone of voice you use while communicating with your customers is often a choice led by your brand style. However, more and more businesses (especially B2B) are adopting new ways of creating informal conversation starters. Asking questions gets the audience thinking about, and looking for those all-important CTA’s (call to actions) and additional pieces of content that will help them on their journey.

  1. Mobile-first design pushed further

There is no denying that we live in a mobile-first world. Year-on-year organisations are putting mobile-friendly, design-led experiences at the forefront of their marketing strategies. As expected, we’re moving towards a higher smartphone usage against desktop, so having a user experience that’s top-notch and keeps users engaged is paramount.

  1. ‘Mailable Microsites’ increase

What’s a mailable microsite? This is a unique and interesting form of email communication that gives your customers an engaging way to approach your content. Simply put, it’s an interactive email, a ‘mini website’ with the same abilities as your humble landing page.

  1. Dynamic content remains a priority

To become truly competitive in your field, and keep your customers engaged and converting, you need to be looking at dynamic content. Dynamic content is personalised content that is served to your audience based on their preferences and actions while on your website or engaging with previous communications. Within email marketing, this extends further with the use of segmentation lists and drip campaigns that separate your database into specific groups of interests and actions. Personalising content further will be a big priority this coming year.

  1. Test, test and test again

We’ve all been there. You spend countless hours on an email campaign getting the copy and images just right, only for it render in spectacularly bad fashion when it reaches the inbox of a certain mail provider. They may never be entirely perfect across the board but rendering your emails to make sure the recipient is getting the best user experience is key in 2018.

Are you surprised by any of the email marketing predictions for 2018? Or do you think there are any that have been missed out? – Let us know your thoughts.

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