Why outsourcing your entire marketing department makes sense for your growing business

By October 22, 2018Marketing Trends

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut with your current marketing campaign?

Are you concerned that your staff don’t have the knowledge or capabilities to take your company’s promotional strategy to the next level?

Well, my friends, it could be time to ask for help. It could be time to outsourcing your marketing activities to a dedicated agency.

What does today’s average marketing department look like?

Transport yourself back to the marketing departments of old (and by ‘old’ we mean as recently as the 1990s!), and you’ll have an image of a middle-aged marketeer faxing product ads to magazines and securing prominent slots in the Yellow Pages.

Much of pre-2000s marketing activity could be managed by one individual. He or she would have inside-out knowledge of the product or service they were promoting, and would rely on a sizeable list of media contacts to help them get the word out to potential customers.

Fast-forward to today, however, and things are oh-so-very different.

Thanks to the dawn of digital, the modern-day marketing department of a small to medium sized business needs to draw upon the talents of several marketing professionals, all with their own unique skill sets.

Companies need SEO experts, social media managers, web designers, graphic designers – and in some cases, even data scientists! – if they want to make the most of all the tools and technologies available to them. A marketing department can’t function without people who can add their own unique expertise into a big melting pot of marketing strategy.

But finding, retaining and nurturing all these staff is a full-time job in itself. Especially if funds are tight. That’s why you need to bite the bullet and contact a specialist marketing agency that can handle everything for you.

The benefits of outsourcing your marketing activities elsewhere

We think there are five main advantages to outsourcing your marketing department:

You’ll save money

You won’t need to hire a marketing team. You won’t need to make space for marketing staff in your office, buy them equipment, or subsidise their travel expenses. What’s more, you won’t need to spend your precious time training them up or plugging gaps in their knowledge.

By outsourcing your marketing to a third-party agency, you’ll be able to eliminate all the extra costs associated with running an in-house marketing department. You’ll pay a fee for the work that needs to be carried out – and that’s it.

This kind of transparent outsourcing arrangement makes it much easier to develop (and stick to) a marketing budget.

You’ll get around-the-clock support from a team of real experts

Outsourcing your marketing means that someone else will always be accountable for the success of your campaign.

You’ll have a dedicated point of contact who will be able to answer all your queries at the drop of a hat, and you can sleep soundly knowing that your outsourced marketing manager is monitoring your strategy 24/7. No excuses.

You can prop up your existing marketing team if you want to

There’s no need to outsource all your marketing activity straightaway if you don’t want to. That’s the beauty of agencies like Marketing Fox – we’re here if you need us, and we’re happy to take a step back if you’ve already got something covered.

If you have a couple of marketing bods in-house, but want to experiment with new methods and techniques, you can outsource certain aspects of the work to us.

For example, perhaps you’ve generated a reasonable amount of leads from e-marketing campaigns in the past, but you want to see if a paid search strategy will yield better results. Simply tell us what you want to achieve, and we’ll get one of our certified Pay Per Click managers straight on the case for you. There’s no need for your existing team to learn about the ins and outs of Google Ads; your account can be up and running in a matter of days, and your internal staff can concentrate on playing to their strengths.

You don’t need to worry about recruiting staff

Hiring is a nightmare. We all know that. The recruitment process eats into your time, and it can quickly leave a sizeable dent in your bank account, especially if you choose to enlist the help of a recruitment agency.And if you have no experience in marketing yourself, how do you know that the candidate in front of you actually has the skills and expertise to deliver a campaign that meets your goals?Avoid the stress and hassle of recruiting altogether by outsourcing. Your external agency will find the right people for your project; you won’t need to lift a finger.

Absences are never an issue

Picture this: you’re about to hit the ‘go’ button on a major e-marketing campaign. You and your marketing team have been working towards this day for weeks. But in a frustrating twist of fate, your marketing executive has called in sick, and no-one else knows how to work the software and check for final snags.

How annoying!

When you outsource your marketing activities to a specialist agency, staff absences are NEVER a problem. If one of our team are off sick or on annual leave, there will be someone else within the company who can pick up the slack. Whatever happens, another member of the team will always be on hand to keep things moving.

Outsourcing a marketing department isn’t for everyone. But in our experience, regardless of the size of your business, you’ll achieve a better return on investment when you ask for help from a company like Marketing Fox that has the infrastructure to handle campaigns of all sizes and budgets.

Learn more about our approach here, or contact us to discuss the benefits of an outsourced marketing department in more detail.

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