Marketing strategy

Strategy – ‘A plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim’

It’s not a secret… The success of your marketing campaigns relies on a carefully considered, objective led strategy.

Marketing Fox works with businesses to create marketing strategies that run in perfect harmony with their business plan. Setting focused objectives and allocating strict budgets gives clients a clear path through the marketing maze.

Don’t have a marketing strategy? Have the makings of a plan but need help piecing it all together? Then it’s time to contact the Marketing Fox team and bring a little cunning to your business…

Contact the foxy team!


Give your strategy a kick start with a Marketing Fox workshop.

The only place to start is with a strategy workshop…

Our workshops are truly unique, we spend a whole day with you and your team establishing business objectives, core audience demographics, messaging, tone and much, much more. At the end of the session you will be presented with a comprehensive document that will then form the foundation of your marketing strategy.

Workshop agenda

  • Evaluate your current situation

  • Profile your audience

  • Know your competition

  • Set SMART objectives

  • Know your buying cycle

  • Set your budget

  • Measure your success

  • Review and optimise

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